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Are you ready to create



of self-discovery to meet YOU, your Intuitive Self? 

Want to start creating your Happily Ever NOW journey?  

Does This Resonate?

  • I know what I want but I don’t know how to get there.

  • I am tired of feeling stuck!

  • I am just trying to survive the day, there is always so much to do and my stress is through the roof!

  • I feel like I'm meant for more, but don't know what "more" is....

  • I've taken all the courses, read all the books and still feel unmotivated and empty inside.

  • I aspire to be the woman of my dreams but can’t seem to get out of my own way.

Your  inner voice, your spirit, has been

telling you that there has to be  more to life 

and there is!

The depth and beauty of your true self, your intuitive self, is in there, just locked inside. Freedom to experience and live your dreams lies within.


Finding your true self is the treasure you seek: the heart-centered, intuitive BEing that you already are.


Can you IMAGINE connecting to your true self? Your intuitive self? I can!

I see YOU. . .


Transformation of your heart, your mind, your vibration, and your spirit is a achieved through a very narrowly focused method. 


We move you through your blocks quickly to achieve the goals & dreams that you desire.   

The greatest healing
is to wake up from
what we are not.

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Have You Ever Worked with an Intuitive Mentor?

My Gift of Vision & Energy Healing

  • You transform into a spiritual connection of heart, mind, & body.


  • We release the debilitating blocks of fear, stress and other life issues.


  • You learn the power of your energy field & how to use it.

  • We remove the shackles of your mental prison to a life of freedom.  

  • You expand into the higher vibration of the True & Intuitive YOU.

  • And you FLY.

I deliver & YOU benefit from the results.

I was a successful real estate broker, racing from one deal to the next, helping people find their “dream homes”. This journey was gratifying but highly stressful, one file closed & three others were still open. One day, I was getting into my car and I received an intuitive message that stopped me in my tracks.


“You are not here to sell houses. You’re here to help people transform & realize their dreams

not their dream homes. Use this gift to help others."

I was getting in the way of my gift! This realization, the truth, sent me into a totally different type of stress. The stress that I was completely out of alignment. On a much deeper level, I knew but had buried it, locked it inside & did life another way. Oh boy... 


I've had this beautiful Gift of Vision since I was a child, including the power of energetic healing. My abilities allow me to see & reveal underlying thoughts. Once revealed, these truths are released with the result of transformation, clarity & lightness of being. I have studied with many teachers and masters for over 20 years to hone my skills. I am also a Certified Mindset Coach. I use my intuitive gifts along with mindset principles to transform lives. I am incredibly passionate about creating a community of heart - centered women, globally, who support each other to live heart - centered, high - vibrational lives.

I am committed  to helping you transform your life.

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I Want You to Get Excited About Your Life!



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Since working with Lauren, my internal navigation has shifted dramatically. I have been reintroduced to my TRUE, authentic, & intuitive self.

I receive clarity and a perspective that has completely translated into a new way of life.

I am fulfilled, at peace & energized. I am in alignment with myself & who I’m meant to be.

I feel whole. I continue to make authentic and sound decisions with an elevated outcome in my business.


Much, much gratitude for Lauren being in my life.

Denise Davies

CEO/Westport, CT

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Where Do You Want Your Life to Take You?

We'll Discover It Together!

You Deserve It. 

Your dreams await.
It’s so EXCITING! I can’t wait for you to
connect to your Intuitive TRUE Self!
I want you to fall in love with YOU...
...and you will!

Book Your Package


13 Session Package
1 on 1 Mentoring

A 13 Session Coaching Package is designed to teach you how to live a heart-centered, high-vibe, intuitive life. Live a life of FREEDOM!

You will have access, between our sessions, to my extraordinary intuition. We will shift  your mindset energetically and vibrationally both for your personal and business life. You will enjoy the freedom of living the life you have only dreamed about for your personal and business life.

  • Become Re-Aligned With YOU

  • Learn How to Live intuitively

  • Discover Deep Truths Revealed -Effortlessly

  • Awaken to Your Destiny, Your Purpose

  • Unblock deep-seeded Emotions

  • Experience Profound Energy Shifts & the Freedom From Within

  • Recalibrate Your Internal Navigation

  • Raise Your Vibration Permanently

  • Learn the Power of Your Energy Field & How to Use It

  • Shift to Living a heart-centered, high-vibe, intuitive life.


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Let's Connect.

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