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Lauren Wingate The Intuitive Mentor & Life Coach
Lauren Wingate The Intuitive Mentor & Life Coach

A Happily Ever NOW Call
With Lauren 
Get You Unstuck!

   20 Minutes


Ready for Your Happily Ever NOW Life?

Get Excited About This Call, Because Your Whole World Is About to Shift!

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Is This YOU?

I  know what I want but I don't know how to get there.

I am tired of feeling stuck.

I am just trying to survive the day, there is always so much to do and my stress is through the roof.

Stress is causing anxiety and dominating my thoughts, actions, & preventing flow & ease in my life.

I’ve taken all the courses, read all the books and still feel unmotivated and empty inside.

I aspire to be the woman of my dreams but can't seem to get out of my way.

I've Got You!

Let''s Go!

After the Call You Will:

Feel the result of transformation, clarity & lightness of BEing from the released blocks.

Experience your spiritual connection between mind, heart, & body from a higher vibration. 

Go beyond the noise of your mind clutter & connect with your higher self.

Learn how to breathe through your heart.

Experience the sense of AWARENESS that has eluded you.

Have a clear understanding of how your energy field effects you and others.

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Do you want to live an intuitive high-vibe life? She's in there, just locked inside...

This call is designed to give you clarity & jump start you for your Happily Ever NOW. 

Lauren Wingate The Intuitive Mentor & Life Coach

Intuitive Mentor/Energy Healer
& Mindset Coach

My Gift of Vision & Energy Healing reveals & shifts underlying thoughts that empower YOU  to free your heart & mind from debilitating blocks of fear, stress & other life issues. 

Using a blend of highly intuitive gifts, energy healing, wisdom, and mindset coaching, I teach women how to connect through their hearts for true intuitive fulfillment & a heart-centered life.

My clients are transformed with clear answers & an exciting, fulfilling path forward.

A Happily Ever NOW Call  begins the inner journey of the exploration of you. 

We transform you into the life you dream of having but you don’t think you deserve. That’s just the beginning...

Do You Want  to Grow?

I am committed to helping YOU shift to a heart-centered, high-vibe, intuitive life.

Worldwide, 20+ years.

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My Clients LiveThe Heart-Centered Life

You Deserve a Life Joy & Freedom. Let's get you unblocked!

Denise Davies


Westport, CT

Lauren Wingate The Intuitive Mentor & Life Coach

Christine Kidder

Career Strategist Coach

Chicago, IL

Lauren Wingate The Intuitive Mentor & Life Coach

Denise S

Real Estate Broker

New York, NY 

Lauren Wingate The Intuitive Mentor & Life Coach

Since working with Lauren, my internal navigation has shifted dramatically. I have been re-introduced to my

TRUE self - my heart-centered self. 

I am so fulfilled, at peace and energized. I am in alignment with my intuitive self and who I’m meant to be, I feel whole.

Much, much gratitude for Lauren being in my life.

"Lauren shines a spotlight on our blindspots. Eye opening is an understatement in describing her work, life-changing".

With Lauren's Mentoring, I have learned to live from my heart. I think differently and my life is so much more fulfilling, joyful and happy.

I can’t recommend Lauren enough, She has the kindest soul. She is sweet with directness but her truths are delivered from the heart and life-changing.

I love her “check-ins” with me. She randomly calls me and it is weird but it’s always when I am thinking of her. 

She is my real life “Glinda” from Wizard of Oz. 

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