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"I'm exhausted from doing TOO much! But when I scale back, I beat myself up because I feel I could be doing more! It's a never-ending battle."

During this time of year, there is no time to feel  joy in your heart because you're in panic mode looking at your To Do List! It does not have to be that way. Is there a lot to do? YES but there is a way to do it without sacrificing yourself through stress and beating yourself up for

not doing more. 

Intuitive mentor
Intuitive mentor

This free webinar is happening on Thursday, December 15th,
at 6pm EST.

Intuitive mentor

Any of this sound familiar?

Let's SHIFT  it!

  • Quiet the "I'm not doing enough!" voice.

  • Shift from a stress-filled mind into a body of heartfelt peace. 

  • Create intention for a joy-filled & authentic life.

Intuitive mentor
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