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About Lauren

The Gift of Vision has been a part of my life since I was a child. For over 20 years, this gift has allowed me to “see” and reveal underlying thoughts that have empowered my clients to break free from the issues that are holding them back.


I am committed to helping people change their lives by shifting their vibration so they are able to have an open and free mind to create the life they

truly want. Through our sessions, I lead my clients on a path to experience life-changing breakthroughs.


My ability to assess my clients' energy provides them with the powerful tools needed to take action and create dynamic results in their lives. The feelings of both incredible lightness and clarity in your personal and professional lives are just two of the amazing benefits you will find by working with an Intuitive Mentor & Mindset Coach.

Lauren Wingate Life Coach

My clients are worldwide.

As your Intuitive Success Mentor, I am committed to helping you change your life.

Lauren Wingate Life Coach

Are you ready to take a journey of self-discovery to meet YOU, your Intuitive Self? 


Is this you?


  • I know what I want but I don’t know how to get there.

  • I am tired of feeling stuck!

  • I am just trying to survive the day, there is always so much to do and my stress is through the roof!.

  • I feel like I'm meant for more, but don't know what "more" is....

  • I've taken all the courses, read all the books and still feel unmotivated and empty inside.

  • I aspire to be the woman of my dreams but can’t seem to get out of my own way.

Your inner voice, your spirit, has been telling you that there has to be more to life, and there is! The depth and beauty of YOU is in there, just locked inside. Freedom to experience and live your dreams lies within.


Finding your true self is the treasure you seek: the heart-centered, intuitive BEing that you already are.


Can you IMAGINE connecting to your true self? I can! I see YOU…


The greatest healing is to wake up from what we are not.   ~Mooji


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Have you ever worked with an intuitive mentor? (Heading)


My gift of Vision reveals underlying thoughts to free you from debilitating blocks of fear, stress and other life issues that prevent you from expanding into the higher vibration of yourself.


I deliver and YOU benefit from the results. We remove the shackles of your mental prison and you FLY.


I want you to get excited about your life. 




My gift to You  (Get my free Thought Awareness guide!)


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What My Clients Are Saying:

2 testimonials

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I’m Ready


When we start the journey of discovery, every part of you shifts, so get ready! 


  • You’ll learn how to live a heart-centered life so that you’ll have inner peace and joy. 

  • You'll gain insights into your thoughts, feelings and actions and how these impact your everyday life


  • You'll learn how to strengthen your intuition with my signature intuitive tools, so you can create the life you've always dreamed of


  • You'll notice that your goals are fulfilled effortlessly! Your relationships are elevated (including the one with yourself!).


  • You'll experience life through a new lens of incredible joy and daily gratitude.

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Where do you want life to take you? (Heading)


Wherever it is, you deserve it.


Your dreams await. It’s so EXCITING and I can’t wait for you to connect to your Intuitive Self! I want you to fall in love with YOU...and you will!


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Are you ready to create the beautiful life you desire, achieve good health, great wealth and unbridled happiness?

Do you want to build and trust your intuition?

Is it time to free yourself from self-destructive habits and to build self-confidence?

You can achieve your dreams of strong relationships, healthy finances, a fulfilling career, self-love, great health and healing. I cannot wait to help you to learn the techniques to empower yourself!

You will feel the shifts immediately! This energy work is transformative and empowering. I am so grateful that I was given the Gift of Vision and the opportunity to share it with the world.

Your experience will provide you with profound results that will elevate your outlook on life. Whatever your age, your profession or relationship status, I can help you to become the best version of yourself!

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Lauren Wingate Life Coach

The work I do with Lauren surpasses any other form of emotional and/or physical treatments I have experienced in my years of seeking more efficient alternatives to processing blocked areas. She provides a space to comfortably experience these deep truths and issues and effortlessly helps me shift them. 

B. La Grange

Carmel, CA

Wow! Without knowing my team, personalities or roles - Lauren tuned in to a " T ". Locked into what I'd been avoiding - the elephant in the room. Lauren instantly offered a solution and guidance for me to show up and fix it. I could feel my body tighten when talking about the issue. But as we stepped into the new energy (that solved the problem) the energy started to flow freely in my body once again. Applying what I learned from our session this week has been super helpful and enabled me to take my power back while creating a more efficient team!

Once again always absolutely amazed in working with Lauren.

L. Cellantani

Naples, FL

Lauren is my go to energy technician for managing the parts of my energy that I feel but just can’t connect with. When I work with her, I feel encapsulated in my body again.  I just love how practical and capable Lauren is at shifting my energy. The effects are profoundly powerful.

A. Klauss


Since working with Lauren, my internal navigation has shifted dramatically. I have been re-introduced to my TRUE self.

Owning a highly successful, pressure-filled business, I can get stuck in the mundane and also experience overwhelm.

Through my work with Lauren, I receive clarity and a perspective that is so much bigger than myself, more than I thought was possible. The shift in perspective has completely translated into a new way of life.

I am so fulfilled, at peace and energized. I am in alignment with my true self and who I’m meant to be, I feel whole.

I continue to make authentic and sound decisions with an elevated outcome in my business. Much, much gratitude for Lauren being in my life.

D. Davies

Weston, CT

My sessions with Lauren are very enlightening. She helps me visualize my issues and the actions I need to take to follow my path to self-actualization. 

These sessions have a therapeutic benefit worth at least 6 counseling sessions with a psychologist.

Amazing Grace!


London, England

I've had several sessions with Lauren and I keep wanting more. My sessions have been relaxing, insightful, clearing, on-point and most of all - HEALING! I look forward to each session because I know I'm going to get through major blocks. She's my check up when my energy/spirit are getting low in the same way that some people get a massage or acupuncture. I've just found that this helps clear my space a heck of a lot quicker. She's a great resource for someone looking for a healer with integrity. She is a true gift.

Shannon S

Portland, OR

I would love for other people to experience what I experienced with you and to have these monumental shifts in such a short period of time. It's life-changing, altering, transformative, empowering - so much goodness. I am incredibly grateful for you, Lauren.

M. Garcia

Seattle, WA

My enthusiasm and belief in the sessions Lauren provides stems from various facts of my life. One fact is as a recoviering alcoholic, addict. I find the sessions with Lauren to be incredibly beneficial to my recovery in sobriety, which I have enjoyed for many years. I must also mention the great relief from physical pain I have experienced from these sessions. What a gift!


Palo Alto, CA


Book Your Package


12 Session Package
1 on 1 Mentoring

A 12 Session Coaching Package is designed to teach you how to live a heart-centered, high-vibe, intuitive life. Live a life of FREEDOM!

You will have access, between our sessions, to my extraordinary intuition. We will shift  your mindset energetically and vibrationally both for your personal and business life. You will enjoy the freedom of living the life you have only dreamed about for your personal and business life.

  • Become Re-Aligned With YOU

  • Learn How to Live intuitively

  • Discover Deep Truths Revealed -Effortlessly

  • Awaken to Your Destiny, Your Purpose

  • Unblock deep-seeded Emotions

  • Experience Profound Energy Shifts & the Freedom From Within

  • Recalibrate Your Internal Navigation

  • Raise Your Vibration Permanently

  • Learn the Power of Your Energy Field & How to Use It

  • Shift to Living a heart-centered, high-vibe, intuitive life.



3 Session 
1 on 1 Mentoring

In this succession of 3 sessions, we delve deeply into your energy field, creating major shifts and revealing truths

which will leave you feeling

at peace, joyful,

and connected to your heart. Powerful insights are revealed

to begin the

journey of transforming

your life with clarity and truth.


1 Session
1 on 1 Mentoring

Freedom from stress is waiting for you right below the surface. 

  • Shift Your Energy Vibration

  • Learn to Listen & Trust Your Intuition

  • Recalibrate Your Clarity, Harmony, Alignment, & Balance

This is typically a first session or a tune-up session from working with me in the past. 


Free yourself

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