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Need An Energy Tune-Up?

If you are on a journey of self-discovery, as many of us are, you have almost certainly encountered energy blocks that prevent you from moving forward in your life. One of the main contributors to blocking your energy field is stress. The stress you feel in your life also lowers your energy vibration.

I help you to decrease your stress by expanding and elevating your energy levels to remove these blocks that bind you. This can involve identifying and opening compromised areas of  your energy centers, seeing a present day issue that has hindered your growth and clearing it, or connecting you to a past life that is influencing your current life, and more. 


One of the most valuable aspects of this work is that you are given the opportunity to uncover many truths from within you in a judgement-free environment. This allows you to genuinely move forward in a positive and fulfilling way. 

My communication is simple and direct. You will experience profound results that will elevate your outlook on life. Whatever your age, your profession or the road that life has taken you, I can help you. You will feel the shifts immediately.

Come join me on your Voyage Within!

Discover the remarkable results of a

15-Minute Energy Tune-Up


About Lauren

I am an Energy Intuitive Healer and Consultant. I have been working with people around the world for over 25 years. The gift of Vision has been a part of my life since I was a child. I combine the many modalities of energy healing that I have incorporated over the years and then open to receive what I need to help you. I am committed to using this gift to help you change your life. 


I receive visions and messages to help you heal both emotionally and physically. I "see" physical blocks within the body and as I start to release them energetically, emotional pain from past/current life experiences present themselves to me. I share what I see, thereby, bringing these experiences to the conscious level of the mind of my clients.


Deep-seeded emotional pain is released and replaced with a level of trust, understanding, and acceptance within the body and mind. Powerful insights are revealed to help you transform your life. Joy, peace, and a strong sense of freedom become the forefront of my clients' conscious minds.


As your Go-To Energy Technician guiding you on your journey, I am committed to helping you change your life .


What People Are Saying

The work I do with Lauren surpasses any other form of emotional and/or physical treatments I have experienced in my years of seeking more efficient alternatives to processing blocked areas. She provides a space to comfortably experience these deep truths and issues. 

Buff La Grange

Carmel, CA

Lauren represents the very heart of healing and through her work you will experience the very healing of heart.

Stevan Thayer

Founder IET® &

Center of Being

Woodstock, NY

My sessions with Lauren are very enlightening. She helps me visualize my issues  and the actions I need to take to follow my path to self-actualization. 

These sessions have a therapeutic benefit worth at least 6 counseling sessions with a psychologist.

Amazing Grace!


London, England

Lauren is my go-to energy technician for managing the parts of my energy I just can’t “see”. I recently worked with Lauren who helped me with an astral travel issue I was having. I had not come back into my body entirely and she was able to quickly help me bring my energy centers back to me. I felt encapsulated in my body again.  I just love how practical and capable Lauren is at moving energy around. The effects are profoundly powerful.

Anne Klaus

Charlotte, NC

My enthusiasm and belief in the sessions Lauren provides stems from various facts of my life. One fact is as a recoviering alcoholic, addict. I find the sessions with Lauren to be incredibly beneficial to my recovery in sobriety, which I have enjoyed for many years. I must also mention the great relief from physical pain I have experienced from these sessions. What a gift!


Palo Alto, CA

I've had several sessions with Lauren and I keep wanting more. My sessions have been relaxing, insightful, clearing, on-point and most of all - HEALING! I look forward to each session because I know I'm going to get through major blocks. She's my check up when my energy/spirit are getting low in the same way that some people get a massage or acupuncture. I've just found that this helps clear my space a heck of a lot quicker. She's a great resource for someone looking for a healer with integrity. She is a true gift.

Shannon S 

Portland, OR


Book Your Session

Rock Maze

15 Minute

Energy Tune-Up

In an energy tune-up I can easily and quickly assess where you are blocked and release these areas both physically and emotionally. You will experience an instant release. 


50 Minute

Going Deeper

We delve deeply into your energy field, creating major shifts  which will leave you feeling peace and joy. Powerful insights are revealed to help you transform your life.


3 Session


Save more than 15% when you purchase a package of 3 sessions. Once you purchase a package, you will be given a code that you can use to schedule session in the future.

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