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EMBRACE the Holidays Stress -Free

Lauren Wingate

Do you BRACE yourself for the holidays?

"How do I stay in a place of gratitude while

dodging the family dynamics?"

I want you to EMBRACE  the holidays!

You CAN  have stress-free family gatherings and walk away smiling!

In this FREE webinar, learn simple tools to use when triggers arise!

Lauren Wingate
Lauren Wingate

It's all happening on Thursday, November 10th, at 6pm EST.
It's FREE!

Any of this sound familiar?

Let's SHIFT  it!

  • Respond to what your mother says without bristling inside.

  • Let Uncle John’s political comments sail on by.​

  • Shield yourself from your cousin’s excessive drinking! 

  • Listen to your sister’s advice on child rearing without it driving you up the wall.

I'll show you how!

Lauren Wingate
Lauren Wingate
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